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April Rick 

New single WEEKDAY LOVE out Feb 9, 2024!



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Ottawa singer-songwriter April Rick leads her listeners on a journey through a swirling world in which dark, organic matter dances among bright, electric waves. Her music is in motion, bringing her listeners somewhere for a moment and inspiring a feeling of connection through shared experience. Like ascending into a clear blue sky in a brightly coloured hot air balloon, or taking the night train through an unknown city, wherever her music brings you, it is always a place of inspiration.


April’s musical journey began at the age of four when she fell in love with the piano. Since then, melodies have followed her throughout her life, with the piano being her most precious tool of self-expression. After many years of honing her craft as a pianist, vocalist, and songwriter – and working full-time as a nurse – April decided to release her own music in 2021. Inspired by her musical idol, Tori Amos, April began writing lyrics to her songs with the purpose of sharing her own perspective, experiences, and stories with the world. Her long-awaited first single, Our Island, was released in January, 2021, and follow-up single, Chance, in May 2021. 


Pairing elements of 90s nostalgia with modern-alternative pop and electronica, April Rick’s music weaves contrasting dynamics of old and new into something exciting and entirely her own. Strong pop melodies and descriptive lyrics grab the listener’s attention, drawing us in, while the piano provides a grounding, supportive role. Along with Tori Amos, she is also heavily influenced by songwriting-powerhouses like Regina Spektor, Sarah Slean, and Bjork.




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